About us

Delivering quality Fragrances and Aromatherapy products at affordable prices since 2015. Customer loyalty has been our constant reason of growth. Le Hue Esscents prides itself in knowing it has the best quality, long lasting and true fragrance oils in the business.

The fragrance oil industry has become extremely saturated and competitive. There are so many low quality and inferior oils in the market that consumers are not getting their money's worth. At Le Hue Esscents, quality comes first and we take great pride in knowing that we simply have the best fragrance oils in the industry!

At Le Hue Esscents we're committed to customer satisfaction with more than 700 different fragrances, products and essential oils for our customers to choose from. Our perfume oils have been professionally crafted and matured to serve as the basis of our compounds. We have delighted many customers in our Fort Myers location, and are excited to be reaching many more through our online store!

Pamper yourself to a new way of smelling good, looking good and the most important feeling good!